3 -Acre Wildflower Area Creating Using John Chambers Highfield Mix

3 -Acre Wildflower Area Creating Using John Chambers Highfield Mix

A large private estate in Yorkshire wanted to turn over 3-acreas of their land to create a wildflower meadow.

The soil was neutral but was on a slight slope. The brief was to create a wildflower meadow that would give impact even in the slightly shady areas towards the bottom of the slope. The client requested full impact to include numerous species that had a long flowering period. They advised their colour preferences were purple, pink and blues with some white and yellow.

John Chambers Wildflowers ‘Highfield’ mixture was re-designed to include more species which will extend its flowering season and more fully meet the needs of the client. It contains a diverse amount of native and cultivated species; all annuals, including Cornflowers, Bishop’s Flower, Coreopsis, Linaria, Cosmos, Poppies and Mallow.

The site was prepared by spraying off existing grass and rotavating the top layer of soil. This was then smoothed over, and seed drilled into the soil using a tractor. Sowing rate for this mixture is 3g per m2.

Commenting on the project the client said, “We are delighted with the results. We have a vast area of stunning flowers which are in bloom from the end of May until the end of September. The longevity of the flowering impact is remarkable and is a joy to see.”

Posted on 26 Jan 2024