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Butterflies are a threatened wildlife group with species declining and many butterflies listed as priorities for conservation. By planting butterfly friendly wildflowers or providing habitats for butterflies to stop by and feed will assist the development of butterflies and reduce the speed of decline.


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Wildflower Turf

A pre-grown blanket of flowering plants and grasses designed to make it easy to bring nature into your garden. Made up of 34 annual and perennial species.   Made up of native wildflower species, our Wildflower Turf will provide beautiful blooms that will grow back year after year. It is particu...

£15.00 ex VAT

Butterfly Biome

In summer use the habitat as a butterfly feeder with the nectar feeding tray folded down to allow butterfly food and sweet ripe fruit to be served to your butterflies. In winter the tray can be folded up to make a cosy over-wintering home for non-migratory butterflies. The biome comes with nice dry ...

£24.99 ex VAT

John Chambers Heritage Butterfly Meadow Mix 100%

USAGE: Plants selected for their colours and scents to attract the butterfly and insect population. SOWING RATE: 1 – 2g/m2 CONTAINS: Vetch; Common 8.80% Scabious; Field 6.65% Knapweed; Greater 5.30% Pansy; Wild or Heartsease 5.30% Viper's-bugloss 5.30% Clover; Red...

£10.36 ex VAT
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