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Wildflowers provide excellent habitats for insects that bats particularly love, these include midgies, beetles, moths and mosquitos. By planting a wildflower area in your garden or countryside, this will encourage bats to visit and assist with the development of bat communities.
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Original Bat Box with Double Chamber

Made from solid, high quality, durable FSC timber it provides longevity and excellent insulation. The narrow entrance slot and strong timber help to discourage predators. A swing panel allows for cleaning, if required by a licensed bat worker. Size: (H x W x D) 280mm x 160mm x 160mm Weight: 1.6kg...

£24.99 ex VAT

Wildflower Turf

A pre-grown blanket of flowering plants and grasses designed to make it easy to bring nature into your garden. Made up of 34 annual and perennial species.   Made up of native wildflower species, our Wildflower Turf will provide beautiful blooms that will grow back year after year. It is particu...

£15.00 ex VAT

Chavenage Bat Box

The Chavenage Bat Box is a single chamber quality nesting box for bats. These protected mammals have lost many roosts in recent years and this natural timber Bat Box will provide a roost for a variety of species such as Pippistrelle, Noctule, Leisler's, Natterer's, Daubentons and Brown Long-eared ba...

£19.95 ex VAT

Vincent Pro Bat Box

The Vincent Wildlife Trust has been pioneering mammal conservation for 40 years. It manages 40 priority bat roosts, many of international significance, and delivers conservation education and monitoring. • Designed by one of the UK’s leading bat researchers, Colin J Morris. • Highly effective...

£55.41 ex VAT

John Chambers Conservation Bats in the Garden 100%

Containing a wide range of attractive nectar-rich species of wildflowers, cultivated flowers and herbs. Many have nightscented flowers that are particularly attractive to nightflying insect on which bats feed. MIX INCLUDES: Campion; Bladder, Chamomile; Corn, Evening Primrose; Common, Marigold; Po...

£2.50 ex VAT

Conservation Bat Box

The Conservation Bat Box is part of our range of high-specification habitats aimed at conservation professionals and pro landscapers. The Conservation Bat Box has twin vertical chambers with angled cutaway front showing ladder style grooves which allows the bat to climb into the preferred chamber. ...

£49.99 ex VAT
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